Šum is a Ljubljana-based journal and platform focusing on contemporary art and theory-fiction, established in 2013 by a self-organized group of artists and theorists. Šum often collaborates with contemporary art institutions in Slovenia and abroad, responding to or accompanying exhibition projects or research concerns by special thematic issues or events, bringing to the projects a specific take or perspective of Šum's editors and writers. The 11th issue was published as part of the Slovenian pavilion at Venice Biennale. The journal is available online and in print and remains free of charge.

In collaboration with Projekt Atol, Šum runs Plaza Protocol and co-organizes ARIA (Algo-rhythmic Ideation Assembly), a summer school designed as a role-playing game.

Current team

Šum journal
Editor-in-chief: Tjaša Pogačar
Editorial board: Andrej Škufca, Tisa Troha, Maks Valenčič, Neja Zorzut
Chief designer: Jaka Neon
Website design and development: Marko Damiš
Proofreading, translation: Miha Šuštar

Šum podcast
Editor: Tjaša Pogačar; Hosts: Jaša Bužinel, Tjaša Pogačar, Brandon Rosenbluth


To order a printed copy of the journal, ask a question or suggest a collaboration drop us an email at info@sum.si

All Šum content is available free of charge. Want to support what we do? Donate here.

A shout out to all the editors*, who shaped Šum in the previous years: Izidor Barši, Marko Bauer, Robert Bobnič, Pia Brezavšček, Kaja Kraner, Voranc Kumar, Domen Ograjenšek, Tomo Stanič, and Andrej Tomažin, and designers Ajdin Bašič, Anja Delbello & Aljaž Vesel.

Big thank you also to all the institutions who collaborated with or/and supported Šum so far: Aksioma, Ustanova Fundacija Sonda + GT22, Društvo Ljudmila, Galerija Škuc, Galerija Kapelica / Zavod Kersnikova, Galerija Miroslav Kraljević Zagreb, HDLU - Croatian Association of Artists, Loški muzej Škofja Loka, Društvo Igor Zabel za kulturo in teorijo, Galerija Miklova Hiša Ribnica, Društvo Praznine, Koroška galerija likovnih umetnosti (KGLU), Mednarodni grafični likovni center (MGLC), Mestna galerija Ljubljana (MGML), Moderna galerija in Muzej sodobne umetnosti Metelkova (MG+MSUM), Umetnostna galerija Maribor (UGM), UMPRUM - Academy of Arts Architecture & Design in Prague, Zavod Celeia Celje (Center sodobnih umetnosti), Zavod Projekt Atol.

Šum would not exist today without you!

*For information about guest editors and other collaborators please see the credits of individual issues.

You can find the activities from the early years on our archive website.

Šum programme is supported by the City of Ljubljana – Department of Culture and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.


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